I) FIND your computer serial port. Make sure you know if it is Com 1 or Com 2.
You are looking for the serial port on your computer. It will look like one of the two below:


The DB9 is more common on later model computers.

You should see the GOLD Pins on both types of Connectors.


II) Use the supplied Connectors (below) and (only) telephone type wire supplied to connect the computer to the sign.

There is a RJ11 connector on the top of the sign.


You Must use one of these connectors. Do not plug the sign RJ11 phone cable directly into the computer.That connection is a modem and will not work.
You must use one of the two grey adapters provided. These allow the DB style connector to match wiring to the sign RJ11. Then connect the selected COM: Port and the sign properly using only the supplied RJ11 cable.
The software will only work with Com1 or Com2. If your computer does not have a serial port you may use a USB to Serial port converter. Make sure it is installed as Com 1 or 2. Follow set up instructions in the manual on the supplied CD.
TIPS: To dress up the install. If you hang the signs from above on chain or wire, run (fasten) the power cord and data wire to the device, along the chain. Purchase white plastic covers for shower curtain rods. They are split and allow you to wrap them around both chain and wire. This makes it look like a conduit (white) metal pole from the ceiling. That is how the install was done in 1000's of supermarkets. It hides all the wire and cable. You can use longer cables than we supplied. They must be correctly wired to the RJ11 connector pins.


A few purchasers have had problems.
Let me try to help you through, I have helped everyone else successfully so I expect you will get it too.

First I must state that all details must be corect or you will not get results..
Please do not be offended if I mention details since I do not know your technical skill level and some is required.

Make sure you are using a PC with OS from Win 98 up to XP or XP Pro only - NO VISTA OR WIN7 and Millenium is just a disaster waiting to happen. Win 2000 is good.

1. Print out the manual on the CD. You need to follow all the details. Read it.
2. Check out the wiring link above-Many people think they can just plug into the RJ11 on the computer- that is a modem output not a serial COM port.

Make sure you are wired to a COM Port using (1) of the (2)adapters sent with the sign, most likely the 9 pin unless you have old equipment. Do not use any adapters or other cables, they will not work. Check out the wiring info at this link:
Make sure you know if you are hooked to COM1 or COM2 these are the only two allowed. Your Windows resources should tell you if the port is installed and operating. See above pictures to find the connection point.

MAKE NOTE of the SIGNID displayed during the time the sign is first powered up. It should be 1. You will need to enter the sign ID on the Transmit Files part of the program.

After all this is done, the sign is conected and should be running the PURCHASE or SHIP message and is ready to

receive new messages from the PC

If this does not work you should check the COM port for output while it is trying to transmit. This can be done using a simple COM port LED monitor. You can make one with a single or two LED(') and an RJ11 wall box and 120 ohm resistor. If you need this you can also buy a cheap testor for the serial port at Radio Shack this may be quicker and easier. I prefer making one with a wall box, it tests both the wire and the port connector. You should not need this if everything is connected properly.

Try loading the DEMO message.
Try sending that to the sign.

The setup was set for correct 2400 8 data 1 stop no parity and should have default to COM1. Do not change the Configuration if you are unsure of any thing.

If you still have an abort send there is no connection with the serial port. This can be fo several reasons, you will have to have some one check out why the resource is not available or damaged


It is possible to create a network of signs connected to one PC.

To do this you must:

1. Change the ID of the sign so that there is only one of each.

2. RS422 four wire connection interface, aditional hardware,(up to 2000 ft UTP) from the PC to each sign. Direction details are available on request for more technical users.